(Full Story)Mother LOCKED Her Only Daughter In Iron Cage Because Of RAPE!


A mother have locked her only child in a cage after her daughter have been raped and the grandson was born due to rape was sent to orphanage because the family was poor. The raped incident have cause the daughter to developed mentally illness and because the mother have no money to for regular treatment, her illness have become increasingly severe over time.

When the condition is severe, the daughter usually break the furniture in the house , tear of her cloth and sometime beat up the old mother. The mother have no choice but to lock her daughter in a cage though he never wish it to be this way.

The mother care for her daughter as much as she can when she get home from work. she also feed her daughter three time a day and left food before she head to work.

                                          here is the grandson in a orphanage due to rape

Every generous contribution please send to: 

Ms. Hoang Thi The rural address of ham Rong, Jade Friendly Township, Tan Yen, BAC Giang Province
You read the information help thru me Pham Thi Mai President of Emerald Township Red Cross Charity. TEL 406 0167 5169

SOURCE: dantri
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