White dragon been shot dead near Mae La Camp!!(Full Story)

“ On April 1, A dragon was shot dead on top of the mountain near a Mae La camp when one of the Karen soldier realized that he has been losing a few of his friend while scouting the mountain. The Soldier LAH THEE, was was walking toward the hill when he was suddenly heard a loud  screams and a weird noise, much like a tiger. He peeped from under the tree only to find a strange animal with horns and long whiskers eating his friends.

Out of panic, he quickly made a grab for his auto rifle and shot at it 8 times, causing the strange animal fall onto the floor. After ensuring that it was really dead, he was shocked to find that it was a white dragon with fur like a rabbit.
When met with reporters, he said, “I wouldn’t have guessed that it’d turn out to be a white dragon. It shocked me.” The Chinese believe that when you see a dragon, it’s supposed to bring luck and its horns can fetch thousands of ringgit. Meanwhile, Lah Thee confirmed that he has no plans to sell the white dragon because it’s likely that it’d end up preserved in MAE LA CAMP for display.

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