(Before/After)Top 10 Most Famous Beautiful Transgender Star in Asia

                               Here is top ten Most Famous Beautiful Transgender Star in Asia
Liu Shihan [L: ahycw.com.cn; R: beijingshots.com]
 Age: 23 
Country: China
Marital Status: Single
Liu Shihan was originally born as a boy on August 18, 1989 in Changsha, Hunan Province. After graduating from Hunan Mass Media Vocational Technical College, she performed as a professional pole dancer for three years. Since 2008, Liu has become famous through modeling for various magazines, websites and online games.
On December 29, 2010, Liu confirmed on her microblog that she had undergone transsexual surgery, which provoked nationwide controversy. Although it is hard for most of her fans to accept her past, Liu is now considered as the No. 1 transgender model in China.
Transgender male to female

Nong Poy [Large: iqilu.com; Small: mynewshub.my]

 Age: 26 

Country: Thailand
Marital Status: Single
Treechada Petcharat, or widely known as Nong Poy, is a famous transsexual actress and model in Thailand and across the Southeast Asia. Born as a boy on October 5, 1986 in Phuket Island, Poy had a sex change operation at the age of 17.
In 2004, Poy won the Miss Tiffany's Universe and Miss International Queen (both two are beauty contests for transgendered people), which brought her fame and launched her entertainment career.
Kayo Satoh [Large: game.com.tw; Small: poqin.com] 
 Age: 24 
Country: Japan
Marital Status: Single
Kayo Satoh is now one of the most popular models and television personalities in Japan. Born on December 26, 1988 in Aichi Prefecture, Satoh has suffered gender identity disorder since her childhood.
In 2008, Satoh started her modeling work in Nagoya, and has become a model exclusively for Japanese fashion magazine "Spy Girl" since 2009. On August 31, 2010, Satoh announced on a Japanese TV program that she was originally born as a male, which stirred controversy and gained her nationwide fame.
Alicia Liu [L: hangzhou.com.cn; R: baike.baidu.com] 
 Age: 26 
Country: China
Marital Status: Single
Alicia Liu, or Liu Xun'ai in Chinese, is a rising star in Taiwan's fashion industry and a popular television personality. Originally born as a male named Liu Zihua on June 12, 1986, in Taoyuan, Liu underwent sex change surgery at the age of 18.
In October 2006, Liu participated in a fashion contest on Taiwan TVBS and started her entertainment career. In September 2008, Liu signed with Taiwan EeLin Modeling Agency Ltd., becoming a professional model. Since 2000, Liu has been seen in various Taiwanese TV programs, including Guess Guess Guess, 100% Entertainment and KangXi Lai Le.
Ayana Tsubaki [Large: nipic.com; Small: xiasl.net] 
 Age: 28 
Country: Japan
Marital Status: Single
Originally born as a male on July 15, 1984 in Tokyo, Ayana Tsubaki now is a popular TV celebrity and fashion model in Japan. In 2004, Tsubaki was enrolled in Aoyama Gakuin University as a boy named Yuri Nakamura. The following year, Tsubaki left school to work in Kabukichō, and then underwent sex reassignment surgery in Thailand in July 2006.
In April 2007, Tsubaki resumed studies at Aoyama Gakuin University, but this time Tsubaki is a girl called Ayana Tsubaki. After returning to Japan in late 2006, she began modeling for some Japanese fashion magazines, including "Koakuma Ageha", and performed in various TV programs.
Lee Si-yeon [Large: baike.baidu.com; Small: bcbay.com]
 Age: 33 
Country: South Korea
Marital Status: Single
Lee Si-yeon, born on July 24, 1979, was once widely known as a male model named Lee Dae-hak. With his feminine appearance and slim figure, Lee was the first male model in South Korea to perform for a famous woman's clothing brand. After suffering various pressures in show business, Lee decided to become a girl in 2007.
In 2002, Lee appeared in the South Korean comedy film "Sex Is Zero", acting an effeminate man. In 2007 after her sex change, she returned to participate in the sequel "Sex Is Zero 2".
Harisu [Large: fengone.com; Small: click-net.com] 
 Age: 37 
Country: South Korea
Marital Status: Married
Born on February 17, 1975 in Seongnam, Harisu is one of the most famous transsexual entertainers in Asia. Original as a male named Lee Kyung-yeop, Harisu graduated from the all-boys Naksaeng High School. During 1997 to 1999, Harisu studied hairdressing in Japan and underwent a sex reassignment surgery there.
In 2000, Harisu returned to South Korea and signed with a management company TTM Entertainment which helped her launch her entertainment career. Harisu rose to fame in early 2001 when she advertised for a South Korean cosmetic brand DoDo, and then she worked as a singer, model and actress. In 2007, Harisu married her boyfriend Micky Jung.
Ai Haruna [Large: last.fm; Small: yahoo.com]
 Age: 40 
Country: Japan
Marital Status: Single
Ai Haruna is at present the most famous transsexual singer and one of the most popular TV personalities in Japan. Haruna was born as a boy named Kenji Ōnishi in Osaka on July 21, 1972, and underwent a sex reassignment surgery when she was 19 years old.
After becoming a girl, Haruna started her entertainment work by imitating pop Japanese singer Aya Matsuura which made her widely known. In October 2009, she won the Miss International Queen (a beauty contest for transgendered people held in Thailand), becoming the first Japanese contestant to win the title.
Jin Xing [L: duole.com; R: ce.cn]
 Age: 45 
Country: China
Marital Status: Divorced
Known as the pioneer of the Chinese modern dance industry, Jin Xing was born on August 13, 1967 in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Jin loved dancing since her childhood, and joined the People's Liberation Army at the age of nine. During 1987-1991, Jin was sent to America to study modern dance and taught dance in Italy in the following two years. In 1995, one year after Jin came back China, she ("he" at that time) decided to undergo a sex change.
In 1996, Jin set up Beijing Modern Dance Company (BMDC), cooperating with Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture. In 1999, Jin moved to Shanghai and founded Jin Xing Dance Theater, the first private modern dance company in China. In 2005, Jin got married with her German boyfriend, but the marriage ended in the following year.
Regine Wu (利菁)
Regine Wu [L: fenggang.gov.cn; R: hudong.com]
 Age: 50
Country: China
Marital Status: Married
Considered as the "Legend" of Eastern Media Group, Regine Wu, or Li Jing in Chinese, was born on October 25, 1962 in Taiwan. Born as a boy named Wu Zhongming, she underwent surgery and became a girl when she was 22 years old. Differing with other transsexual entertainers, Wu has always denied she had a sex change operation, claiming that she was born as a hermaphrodite with organs of both sexes and the ability to give birth.

After working at the Shopping Channel (part of Eastern Media Group) Wu showed her sales talent and broke several sales records, including selling more than 700 laptops in 85 minutes, 250 motor homes within an hour, and 380 one-carat diamonds in 80 minutes. Since 2004, she has hosted TV programs such as the Diamond Club, Super Idol and Gossip Queen. In 2002, Wu married her boyfriend, a man 14 years younger than her.
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