The Real Story Of Karen Women Hero, Naw Mu Yeh Peh

We had a brave lady in our history. Her name was Naw Mu Yeh Peh. The time that when the fifth King of Thailand has ruled. She was the most beautiful girl in history and pure in life. She possessed a supernatural beauty and power. When Thailand economic and political was unstable and about to decline, Thai King summoned the magician for foretold the situation. Then the magician told the King to married who possess a supernatural beauty, Karen girl and sacrifice her blood for the country. 

Only if he does like that, his country will become a developing country. So the King ordered his generals to find out that girl. Briefly, they found the women and the King married her and she became the wife of the fifth King of Thai. The king loved his wife so much. He did not want to scarified her but in order to maintain his country and his people, he order his general to killed her by the elephant. Before they killed, she said that “ before you kill me you must make a covenant with me that one day my people will face trouble and run away from their land and enter into your kingdom.

 At that time you must accept them and give them opportunity to stay in your country or else course will be upon your country and your country will collapse.” So if we look at this we can clearly see that she is the brave women and the one who saved her people. So that now a day, Karen is staying in Thailand and Thai King has to accept to stay in his Kingdom. That is the promise between the queen and the fifth King.
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