Man Come In Apple Store Smashing Iphones and Laptop ! What They Did To Him Was Shocking

For the english speakers, this is a translation (pardon my english, i'm French): -it's ok? ladies and gentlemen, Apple is a society witch rapes the consumer's rights, ok? (to the cameraman: thank you bro'). So, they refused to give me back my money according to the European consumer's law, I warned them, I told "give me back my money", they said: "no". So what's happens? (he broke a phone) That's what's happens. (the guy of Apple store: hey it's enough now!) Shut up! (crude way in french to say that). (The Apple store guy: No, don't talk that way!). Shut up! (Words I don't really understand due to the alarm sorry ^^). Security agent: What's going on? The angry french man: law give me rights, the consumer's rights, they don't respect them...

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