Rohingya Ask For Help Because Burmese Government Is Hunting Them Down With Helicopter !

Translation of the video:

“I am speaking to all Rohingya brothers around the world. Please prepare for Jehad and come here. Please try to join us. The fighting can start now, today. For example: Myanmar (Burmese) army tried to search for us by helicopter yesterday. They search for us by helicopters in every part of Arakan. We do not care about helicopters. Our strength is only one Allah/God.

Question: What is our strength? Answer: Allah.

That is why: we are saying ‘all Mujahids around the world come here’. Tomorrow morning, they (Burmese army) may attack. We shall need medicines. My brothers, Rohingya wherever you are in the world, please prepare for Jehad. Please consider for the brothers who will die here and who will be wounded here.

(Reciting Quran) If you sacrifice life on the way of Allah, do not think that you will die. You will only suffer from the pain very little, like ant’s biting in the body. When your life almost goes out, Allah will forgive your sins. Allah will show Janat (Heaven) after that. 72 angels will be waiting for you in Heaven. A person can protect 70 other people who will go to Jahan nam (the hell) and send them to Heaven.”

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