Finally All Picture Of The Mysterious Death of Karen Girl Body Have Unveil To the Public And Friends

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  1. So unfair. Miscarried of justice!!!! The authorities went ahead and cremated her corpse. Doesn't seem like autopsy was performed nor the demon was apprehended. The Thai claims her elder sister settled with 2 million Thai baht. However, the deceased sister claims that was false news. It was alleged that the girl was raped and murdered by her employer, the hotel owner. He allegedly sneaked in her room and assaulted her. She threatened to call the police, but the guy pleaded for settlement. She didn't agree so he killed her. He then bribed the cops to close the case. The cops agreed to close the matter because it would smear the hotel and Thailand reputation. Her life was forcefully taken and there is no justice!!! Foreign workers need protection! Oh this is so unfair!! I hope the murderer rots in hell!!!